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Beretta Handguns are some of the most popular handguns in the world. They are the oldest handgun manufacturer in the world (Started in 1526), based out of Italy, and have been made famous by the M9 (Model 92 Civilian). They are an overall great gun manufacturer, and will continue to be one of the best in the world. Their designs are a mix of classic / elegant, and modern / cool. But what is the ‘Best Beretta’?

We’ve judge that question based off of 4 different categories; popularity, size, reliability and ammo or round. Based off of those three categories, we have chosen the Beretta 92 as the ‘Best Beretta’ available.  A close second was the Px4 Storm, but it was edged out a little by the Model 92.


The Beretta 92 (same as the military M9) is by far one of the most popular handguns in the world. It was designed in 1972 and has been produced in a few variations since then. In 1985 it (M9) replaced the M1911 .45 ACP as the standard military issue gun for the United States Military. It is also the standard issue sidearm for the French military, Brazilian Armed Forces, Italian Armed Forces and many more militaries, police forces, and special forces in many countries across the world. Many United States police officers swear by their Beretta 92, and it is one of the classic police guns of our time.

The Beretta 92 easily won over the Px4 in this category because of its massive popularity. The Px4 is still fairly new, and hasn’t taken hold like the 92 has.


The Beretta 92 is almost a perfectly sized gun. The standard frame size is contoured and fits a variety of grips very well. It’s a little more comfortable for smaller hands than a Glock, yet feels great in bigger hands as well. It’s not overly bulky in the slide area, and the design as a whole is fairly streamlined.

Ammo or Round

The Beretta 92 chambers the 9mm round (9x19mm Parabellum). This round is definitely the most popular handgun round in the world, and is used in one area or another of almost every world government. It’s a decently small round, so magazine capacities are large, while gun frames can remain decently small. The round has adequate stopping power, and fairly good velocity and energy behind the round. There is a reason it’s the most popular handgun round in the world.


Reliability of the Beretta 92 is something that is hotly debated. Some military personnel think the gun is absolutely junk for reliability, yet others have never had a problem. Berettas are traditionally a reliable gun, and will do their job. If you are looking for pure reliability, buy a Glock. But the Beretta 92 will do fairly well.

The 92 beat the Px4 Storm in this category also because of the Px4’s rotating barrel. There have been a few accounts of small particles and debris getting in the barrel slide and reeking havoc on reliability.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Beretta 92 is the Best Beretta handgun available. It is standard issue for many world militaries including the United States, a very popular police gun, and probably the most popular handgun in the world overall. It feels good to shoot in most hand sizes, has a beautiful, streamlined design, and is an undeniable classic handgun.

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